Book Review: Once Broken Faith (October Daye #10)

Dear reader I can’t sleep so I finished “Once Broken Faith” Book number 10 in the “October Daye” series by Seanan McGuire. I bought the ebook myself, I am a big fan of the series it’s one of my favorite series that’s currently out right now(meaning that books are still being added to it). My personal review of the book is as follows:

Dear reader I was really happy that we got to see October and the gang be happy for awhile in the beginning of the book, in my personal opinion so much of the series has been a lot of sadness or life threatening situations for them that it was nice to see them have a bit of normalcy and for October to be able to take stock of how far she and crew have come.

The book does have a transitional feeling to it (I don’t want to say more about why because I don’t want to give anything away) some storylines are in the process of being put to bed while of course later on of course October does make some more choices that she will eventually have to “pay the piper” for later both big and small.

Towards the later half of the book please get your tissues ready because you might need them, though for me personally I was in a rush to see what happens next that the severity of the moment didn’t really hit me as much.

I feel happy that in my personal opinion October seems to be finally accepting/coming to terms with who she is and letting herself experience happiness in her life with the people she loves without so much guilt.

I am definitely excited about the next book in the series overall I personally rate this book a 8/10. Happy reading dear reader ?.

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