An Open letter to Trump supporters.

Dear person who voted for Trump:

I want to say right off the bat that I didn’t vote for Trump I also didn’t vote for for Clinton(I did vote in California) having said that I can now say why I am writing this to you right now:

You dear Trump voter have the power right now to talk to your fellow Trump supporters and tell them that we still need to love and live with the people who didn’t vote for Trump . 

I have seen first hand how scared they are and it’s so much worse than when Bush won or you when Obama won.
I am scared more from how people are acting towards each other than my fear of Trump.

I am scared of losing the ban on pre-existing conditions and the ban on life time coverage because both of which directly affect me and others with disabilities.

I am asking you to help show people that not everyone who needs help is trying to “work the system”.

My dad is a drafted Nam Army vet my family has paid taxes I have paid taxes when I was with my ex husband and was working from home typing stuff online but that job went overseas years ago.

I do book reviews for free because I love to read but most places don’t pay for them. I would love to work but I can’t take myself to and from the bathroom which really gets in the way of working.

However I would jump at any job I could get that I can actually physically do.

I want to help this country and I want Trump to succeed because we all have to live here and because I love my country.

Please don’t forget about the good hearted people who live here and the “assholes” too because at the end of the day they are Americans too.

Please don’t let us get left behind show us that we have a place in America. 

– A girl in California.

Tell me what you think.

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