Random Rambling: I won’t apologize for what makes me happy

Note to reader: I am writing this to get these thoughts out of my system nothing more nothing less, I am sorry in advance if it doesn’t make much sense.

Dear reader I still love to cuddle with stuffed animals and watch kids movies, I get excited about hugging Mickey Mouse at Disneyland..

I feel like keeping my inner child alive is a large part of how I can keep a smile on my face when I am dealing with feeling sad about being stuck in my bed/house so much because of my Cerebral Palsy(CP), It’s a part of how I can find forgiveness for some people who have hurt me (Even I have my limits and forgiveness can only go so far with certain people).

Guys have actually dumped me because I was “too happy” I don’t want to become emotionally or mentally darker, I want to keep my positivity and hopefulness(You already know that I can get down from time to time if you’ve been on this journey with me for awhile) I am just really tired of getting judged by so many people because of it.

However I realized that I am the person at the end of the day who will always have to deal with my life and my choices so if hugging stuffed animals and getting excited whenever someone follows me on here or on Twitter (@BookNerd0486 ) then so be it ♡.

Tell me what you think.

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