Fingers crossed hoping for an Alex Versus series book review.

Dear reader thanks in large part to your support of me here and on Twitter (@BookNerd0486) I was able to put in a “wishing for” request to read/review the newest book in the Alex Versus series by Benedict Jacka.

If you have been following me on this journey for awhile you’ll already know that the Alex Versus series is one of my favorite series that is currently adding new books.

I will keep you guys updated on if I get the review or not, thanks again so much dear reader for helping me be able to get opportunities like this ♡.

If you want to help me to get more of these opportunities please follow me on here(Add your email address to subscribe box, you can control how many emails you get by clicking on the manage your subscription in the bottom of email you receive after you sign up) doing so helps publishers and others to see how many people I can reach with my posts which many publishers use when deciding on  whether or not to give me book reviews or not.

Tell me what you think.

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