A Mathematician’s Perspective on the Divide

Note to reader: I didn’t personally make this video if you want more information about it please click on the video it’s self and you’ll be taken to the YouTube page for the video it’s self.

Dear reader I am sharing this video with you guys because I personally can relate to a lot of the message behind it especially because I am the daughter of a “Baby Boomer” who survived/was drafted into the Army for the war in Nam.

I was raised to believe in equality of opportunity(NOT equality of outcome), and American Execeptionalism.

My dad doesn’t like Trump yet some of my family members do, I don’t like him either but I want him to succeed because I love my country. I respected G.W. I can do the same for Trump.

I try my best to teach my dad about technology he tries his best but he still likes things simple.

He taught me to be able to see both side of an argument, to keep an open mind, to not get to attached to any idea because you never know if facts could change.

He taught me to survive in and fight for myself in a world that isn’t fair and probably never will be.

He taught me to help people but never at the expense of putting your basic human needs in danger because sadly some people will take all you have if you let them.

I learned to love from my Nana (My dad’s mom), how to never let someone go hungry if you can stop it, that my voice matters, and most things work better in a relationship when you let the guy think that it was his idea.

I wouldn’t be me if not for their voices, Older people can teach us a lot if we just sit and listen. 

Tell me what you think.

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