Book Review: Beyond Redemption (Manifest Delusions #1)

Dear reader I can’t sleep so I finished reading “Beyond Redemption” book #1 in the “Manifest Delusions” series by Michael R. Fletcher. I received a soft-cover copy of this book as part of my October fiction book case http://Www.BookCase.Club (I paid for the subscription myself). My personal review of the book is as follows:

I want to say up front that I know that a lot of the deeper meaning of the book went over my head dear reader here’s what I personally feel like the book is trying to show (I could be wrong)

1. More about how humans think/feel and how it effects how we act.

2. That if humans could “create” a God it would probably have most if not all of the same flaws that we do because it would lean them from us.

I also really enjoyed the characters development throughout the book, it was cool to see them gain more insight into their actions/motives.

I think that if you liked “City of Stairs” by Robert Jackson Bennett you’ll probably enjoy this book as well.

Overall I am looking forward to seeing what happens next with the characters and hopefully understanding more about them and the mythology of the world of series as I get into the next book in the series. I personally rate this book a 7/10. Happy reading dear reader ?.

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