Trials in love: Mini Alex update

Note to reader: The following post is an update on my ex boyfriend Alex who broke up with me New Year’s eve of 2015. If you have been on this journey with me for awhile you’ll already know the backstory with him and I if you are new to my blog and want to know the backstory with him look under the “Trials in Love” tab for posts dated around September of 2014 and you should find them.

Dear reader I ran into a guy who used to hangout with Alex when I was at the casino last night he pretty much confirmed to me that Alex lied why he had to leave CA (from what his friend told me he didn’t leave until January of this year) he also confirmed some of the other weird things that I had heard from other people who talked to me in the first few months after we broke up.

From what he told me I don’t feel badly about us breaking up anymore, I really don’t need that kind of drama in my life. 

He even told me that he decided to not be friends with Alex after he found out about some stuff that happened with him and I as well as Alex causing drama for him. 

He gave me his number in case I need anything. There is no romantic attraction between him and I in case you are wondering dear reader. 

He knows that sometimes when my dad and I go to the casino my dad moves from slot  to slot and I lose him sometimes so he said that if we are ever there at the same time and I need help with looking for my dad he will help me and to be completely honest with you dear reader sometimes when I go to the casino and my dad is busy with the slots and I don’t feel like playing I like to have people to talk to or just sit with so that people don’t try to bug me or ask for money which happens occasionally. 

If I hear anything new I will let you know however I don’t feel like I will have anything else to do with Alex in the future, I feel like talking to his friend about the situation was closure for me which I am thankful for. 

Tell me what you think.

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