Life: Mini website update(1-5-17)

Note to reader: The following post is only about website/blog related stuff and it probably won’t seem like a big deal to people however I want to write about it to have it to look back on latter on.

Dear reader I moved this blog over to self-hosted in September of 2016 because I wanted to have more control over my site (I read that WordPress has the option to shut down your site if they want to, I know that other places can do the same) as well as the fact that I wanted to be able to post pictures without having to worry about space issues(for right now the lady who handles my hosting for me says that I’m okay with not having to pay extra for more space) it also gave me the ability to have the layout of the site look a bit better for you guys as well as the fact that I can have ads on here and hopefully eventually make some money from them which will be used to pay for hosting(as of right now my hosting and domain name are both paid for in full for this year).

Since moving to self-hosted I have lost 5 followers on here and I haven’t gained any, I think that the not gaining is because people don’t want to have to share there email address/are worried about getting too many emails from whenever I post(You can manage your subscription to control how many emails you get). My views were also messed up for awhile(I can’t really explain why).

However now it seems like my views are getting back to normal which I am thankful for. You guys have truly become a life line for me and I will NEVER EVER be able to truly explain or thank you for all that you have done for me by staying on this journey with me ♡.

If you want to help me but you don’t want to give your email address please consider following me on Twitter @BookNerd0486 or liking/sharing my book reviews if you like them doing either or both helps me to get considered by NetGalley and other places for other reviews and opportunities ♡.

Tell me what you think.

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