Book Review: Red Queen (Red Queen #1)

Dear reader I just finished reading “Red Queen” book #1 in the “Red Queen” series by Victoria Aveyard. I received a soft-cover copy of the book from my uncle Timmy(He also gave me a hardcover copy of the next book in the series as well). My personal review of the book is as follows:

This book reminded a lot of the “Divergent” trilogy by Veronica Roth. The love triangle stuff was a little bit annoying however towards the middle half of the book the characters and storyline started to get a bit deeper and(in my personal opinion) less one dimensional. I really feel like the plot point information that you find out around page 290 (Give or take a few pages in the soft-cover copy) really helps to in my personal opinion layout the ground work for how future books in the series could go; I mention this because sometimes in books that I’ve read characters seemed to suddenly get abilities that you never saw any ground work for in passed books.

I definitely didn’t see the two big plot twists coming towards the end of book, I really hope from everything that I’ve read so far from the first book in the series that it will be made into a movie at some point in the future because I would love to see some of the scenes come to life with special effects. I will be starting the hardcover copy of the second book in the series as soon as I finish posting this review. Overall I personally rate this book a 7/10. Happy reading dear reader ?.  Please like and share this review if you like it doing so helps me to get approved by Netgally and other places for future books ♡.

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