Life: I sent a message on GoodReads.

Note to reader: The following post is to tell you guys about the situation and to thank you for helping me to get the opportunity. 

 Dear reader I sent the sci-fi/fantasy account for Tor books on GoodReads a message thanking them for the friend request on GoodReads and I gave them my info for book reviews(My blog link, my Twitter handle, and my email address) just case they might want to send me books to review(As always dear reader they will always be my honest opinion both good and bad of the book(s) ).

This wouldn’t be possible without you guys and your support of me and my reviews via here and on Twitter(@BookNerd0486 if you want to say hi to me that way) Thank you so much for staying on this journey with me dear reader your support means more to me than I can ever truly explain or thank you for ♡.

I will keep you guys updated on if I hear anything back from them.

Tell me what you think.

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