Cool Stuff: Disney Favorites Tag

Dear reader I was tagged by my friend Ann on Twitter  ( is her blog) to share my Disney Favorites:

1. Favorite Character: Alice from Alice in Wonderland.

2. Favorite Princess: Belle from Beauty and the Beast.

3. Favorite Prince: Aladdin(I know that might not technically count by he is still my favorite)

4. Favorite Hero: Baymax from Big Hero 6 (Yes It’s a Disney movie)

5. Favorite Animal: Dodger from Oliver and Comany.

6. Favorite Sidekick: Stitch from Lilo and Stitch 

7. Favorite Villain: Captain Hook from Peter Pan.

8. Favorite Original Character: Donald Duck.

9. Favorite Love Song: “Kiss The Girl” from the Little Mermaid.

10. Favorite Song: “Spoon Full of Sugar” from Marry Poppins.

My hands are getting too tired to type out the rest of the questions dear reader(*Darn Cerebral Palsy*) I hope that you liked these, please feel free to let me know your answers by tagging me on Twitter @BookNerd0486 and be sure to check out Anne’s blog  she’s pretty cool ?

Tell me what you think.

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