Book Review: A Court of Thorns and Roses(A Court of Thorns and Roses #1)

Dear reader I just finished reading “A Court of Thorns and Roses” book number one in the “A Court of Thorns and Roses” series by Sarah J Maas. I picked up this book in the Nook store on my tablet because it was on sale $1.99 and because I wanted to see what all of the hype that I’ve been seeing around the series is about. My personal review of the book is as follows:

The writing style of the book pulled me in from the first page I could hardly put it down. I liked “Feyre” for the most part however some of her choices/aditude bugged me; I personally didn’t see why she had to be so mean to “Tamlin”. I have heard so many people who’ve read this book say that they dislike him a lot and (at least for this particular book) I personally don’t see what’s so bad about him.

I know that this book is supposed to be a “Beauty and the Beast” retelling however to me personally “Feyre” sisters/her relationship with them reminded me of the evil step sisters in “Cinderella”

The scenes that I enjoyed the most were “Lucien” giving “Feyre” the jeweled dagger and asking her not to stab him in the back with it; For me personally I saw it as analogy for friendship/trusting people as well as the part where “Tamlin” tells “Feyre” that he loves her “Thorns and all” made my heart melt♡.

The last half through until the end of the book was a rollercoaster ride of emotions for me(I can’t really explain why without giving away major plot points) I plan to download the 2nd book in the series from the Nook store on my tablet as soon as I’ve finished posting this review.

Overall I personally rate this book a 6 and a half out 10. Happy reading dear reader ?.  Please like and share this review if you like it doing so helps me to get approved by Netgally and other places for future books ♡.

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