Venting: I can’t use Netgally to review books anymore.

Note to reader: The following post is ONLY about me venting about my own personal feelings about this situation. I am NOT trying to make anyone feel sorry for me. I am EXTREMELY thankful for the fact that I have had the ability to use Netgally for the past 2 years and all of the book reviews that I’ve received from them NONE of which would’ve been possible without your support for me and my blog(every SINGLE share, like, follow, comment on my reviews/my blog/my Twitter made it possible).

Dear reader for about the last month and a half or so I haven’t been able to read DRM protected ebooks via Netgally(Almont all of the books on Netgally are DRM protected and it’s impossible to know in advance of being able to download book if it is DRM protected or not) because the application that I have been using to read them is no longer being updated/supported by the publisher of the app(I am almost positive that they went out of business) thus it stopped working.

My Nook tablet is supposed to be able to read DRM protected books and I am signed in to Adobe(the way to be authorized to open DRM books) to able to read them but the files aren’t supported no matter what I do.

The app that adobe put out to fix the issue is has the same issues as the previous app that I had and Adobe support doesn’t care about helping me fix it because it’s a free to use app. They told me via Twitter to post on the customer support board(who knows when or if someone there could even help me).

I’m NOT going to give up doing book reviews because of this issue. I’ve made the choice to buy more books whenever possible(books bought from the Nook store on my tablet are supported and don’t have this problem) as well as ask for PDF copies of books from publishers/authors since I can read those fine.

I also want to say that this issue isn’t Netgally’s fault and I have NO problem with them; I’ve made the choice of not trying to fix this problem any longer because I don’t know how to fix it since Adobe customer support won’t help me and I know of no other applications that would be able to work on my Nook even if I somehow got adobe to fix my account issue on their end (I am locked out of being able to use adobe ID because of too many sign ins because of the ap kicking me off every time I tried to open a book that I had downloaded).

I’m going to try to sleep now because I have a dentist appointment tomorrow thanks again dear reader for *listening* to me vent.

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