Book Review: Dreamology by Lucy Keating

Dear reader I just finished reading “Dreamology” by Lucy Keating. I picked up a hardcover copy of this book from  (I paid for it myself) the synopsis seemed interesting my personal review of the book is as follows:

I want to start this review off by saying that this review is going to be shorter than my book reviews normally are because in my personal opinion nothing really interesting happens in the book, I really wish that I could take pretty much all of the characters in this book and put them into a book with a different plot because they are interesting but nothing really interesting happens around them.

I kept reading to see if I would be surprised by anything that happened character development wise or plot wise but it still felt flat to me personally even though I was happy for them by the end, maybe it would be a better movie because of the opportunity to see all of the visual effects based on their dreams.

In my personal opinion the main concept of the book is interesting however in my personal opinion the way in which it was handled in the book just makes it fall completely flat. As as side note I didn’t like or understand Alice’s mom at all.

Overall I personally rate this book a 3 and half out of 10 because I liked the characters a lot. Happy reading dear reader ?.  Please like and share this review if you like it doing so helps me to get considered by publishers and authors for future books ♡.

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