Venting: Jury duty update

Note to reader: The backstory to this post is here if you want more information. As always I am ONLY taking/venting about myself and my feelings/experience with the situation. 

Dear reader I just got home from having to go to the court house to physically show them that I am disabled and I can’t physically take myself on to and off of the toilet. Here’s what happened:

Ashley and I walked(I say walk because rolled sounds weird to me personally) the almost 3 and a half blocks from where the courts give jurors free parking to where the court house I had to go to was(Thank the Gods we didn’t get run over while having to cross so many streets).

When we finally got to the right place the first jury duty services person who I talked to told me that now people in wheelchairs can ask for the courts for special accommodation to have someone help me use the bathroom which is something that I’ve never been told before in all of years that I’ve had to deal with this.

I told her that my dad is older and just hurt his leg so he has a really hard time lifting me (he hurt his leg the yesterday and had a lot more trouble than normal getting me in my chair and into and out of the car) and Ashley can’t physically lift me.

She then told me to talk to a different lady at the counter after I finished explaining the entire situation to her she told me that she would give me another 6 month extension to get a Dr to sign off saying that it’s physically hard for to go to jury duty after I told her that I had been denied before and told me come in person she told me to get a Dr to sign off saying that it’s physically hard for me and the stuff about the bathroom and she gave me a return envelope with her name on it specifically so that she could sign off on it herself so that I can get the 12 months max that you can be excused from jury duty for.

Basically my plan is to have my dad and Ashley go with me to a clinic(the ones that you can pay money up front to be seen) near me, pay the money to see the Dr. And have him write about my disability and say that it’s hard for my dad to lift me into the bathroom and that I use a bed pan most of the time (which is true except for whenever I have to go number 2) and pay the extra money to have him sign the paper especially since it will take more than 6 months to switch over my stuff from my divorce(name change, new id, social security stuff, just to get insurance again(trust me when I tell you that it’s a way more complicated process than it seems, it would take forever to explain it all here) after my dad’s leg hopefully gets better and hopefully that works withouthaving to go through all of the other processes.

Please wish me luck dear reader because I’m definitely going to need it.

I will keep you guys updated on how everything turns out as I know more. Thanks for staying on this journey with me dear reader your support means more to me than I can ever truly explain or thank you for ♡.


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