Random Thoughts: My personal thoughts on “freedom” and disability.

Note to reader: The following post is ONLY about me telling you about how I personally feel about this subject as well as talking about my own personal experience/situation. I will NEVER speak for anyone else who has a disability. As always I’m not writing this post make anyone feel sorry for me.

Dear reader because of my Cerebral Palsy(CP) I can’t walk at all(my knees are very messed up) which means that I have to be lifted onto and out of my wheelchair, bed, bathroom, etc etc. If someone wasn’t around to help me (right now my dad helps me) I would basically me stuck wherever I was. I also need help with putting on my clothes which means that I have had very little experiences with the concept of personal privacy(if I don’t ask for/accept help things don’t get done).

I am only able to be as free as the people around me at any given time allow me to be. If my dad wanted to he could take away my tablet/phone/Internet access and there wouldn’t be anything that I could physically do about it. I AM NOT saying that my dad would do it I am only trying to illustrate my point. My family tells me all the time that I can make my own choices and to use my voice to say what I want/Need which is true however it still comes down to me being able to physically access the thing I need and having help.

My greatest fear is being stuck in a group home or institution where a lot of my freedom would be taken away, just because a law says that people have to help you doesn’t mean that they will or that they will be kind to you whilst they do so

A girl who went to high school with me and was disabled as well passed away last year because she got a blood infection from the fact that her catheter wasn’t changed often as needed while she was in a local hospital.

Part of the reason why I had my tubes tied is because of my fear of being raped in a place like that especially. A lot of people on Twitter are saying that disabled people shouldn’t be protesting against the proposed cuts to Medicare because they will still be cared for however they don’t seem to know that sometimes the quality of that care can suck.

I am blessed enough to have my dad to help me and my family would try to help me as well. Who knows dear reader I might find a man who will love me wheelchair and all.

  1. My fear is for the people who aren’t that lucky. Who is fighting for them?

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