Venting: writing about some life issues (7/20/17)

Note to reader: The following post is ONLY about me venting about some things that I am currently going through/what I’m feeling about the situation right now as I am currently writing this post. The majority of the backstory/context of the situation isn’t something that I can share on here because it’s my dad’s business not mine, I’m just kind of stuck in the middle of it/the fallout from it. So it probably won’t make much sense to you, however I am hoping that writing about what I can say (the stuff regarding only myself) will help me get some of the emotions about it out of my system which is the core purpose of this blog.

Dear reader I’m sick and tired of having to explain the obvious to people who have been physically around me lately(I’m leaving out having to do it for people online because I can “leave” that conversation easier) the questions about why I am the way I am (explaing my disability/why I can/or can’t physically do certain things) or why my life is the way it is right now.

I have been having to explain/justify the reason(s) behind situations/or choices that I’ve made and once I explain everything the person has had normally 1 of 2 responses.

1. How have you survived this long (which has turned into a running joke between a few friends/family who know the backstory/entire situation) which has become a way of pretty much saying that I’m really lucky to have made it this far through my life.

2. Are you really sure that’s the way it has to be done? Don’t you have another way of fixing it? Which leads me explaining it all over again(usually one to two more times) before they end the conversation by saying some form of figure it out.

The most annoying part about it is that no one has yet to give me any actual ways of fixing the issues that would actually be something that I can actually physically do especially when they can’t help me with anything for a lot of different reasons. Which I completely understand.

I know that I will be okay one way or another Dear reader I just have to wait to see what happens because the majority of the main situation/why everything is coming to a head right now isn’t in my control. I’m just trying to take things are day at a time and try to make the best choices for the decision(s) that I have actual control over.

Right now you guys and my books are keeping me sane and I am beyond thankful for you all and your support of me. Thanks again for letting me vent, I promise to keep you updated on everything as much as I can.

Tell me what you think.

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