High Water & A Devil’s Daughter: S4: Ep7: The Orginals(My Thoughts)

Note to reader: The following post is ONLY about me telling you about my personal favorite parts about the episode. I’m just a fan doing this for fun any mistakes are my own and there will be spoilers for the episode so read at your own risk if you aren’t up to date with the series yet.

My personal favorite parts/my personal thoughts about the episode are(in no particular order)

My heart broke a little when I saw that Hope was playing with Marcel’s toys from when he was a kid. Fraya and Keelin are so cute together ❤.

1. Klaus talking to Haley about Hope: “We will protect her innocence for as long as we can you and I both know the importance of that, no one protected ours.”

I didn’t see the twist of Marcel’s girlfriend working with the hollow’s priest coming.

2. Hope talking to Marcel was adorable one of my favorite parts was when she said “I’m 7 not stupid” when Marcel asked her to get blood from Klaus’s stash. Marcel talking to Hope about how he still loves Klaus was so sweet, I’m really enjoying watching his character growth both in terms of depth and complexity.

3. Freya trapping the Hollow’s priest in that circle.

Elijah killing those witches was cold-blooded. I really hope that he doesn’t lose all of his kindness when his fight against the hollow is over.

4. Keelin saving Fraya with CPR

5. Marcel telling Hope that they are family and that he would keep her safe & Hope telling Klaus that Marcel kept her safe and that he is her friend awwe❤.

Vincent telling Elijah that he has no soul and that he feels badly for Hope because she’s being raised around Elijah made me feel badly for Elijah but I think that it needed to be said because Elijah needs to see how his actions effect others.

6. Klaus telling Marcel that he won’t let the Hollow take him ❤.

7. Keelin and Fraya’so kiss ???❤❤❤.

Did Devina become the Hollow?


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