Movie: The Emoji movie: my thoughts (7/28/17)

Note to reader: The following post is ONLY about me telling you about my personal favorite parts about the movie. I’m just a fan doing this for fun. There will be some spoilers so read at your own risk if you haven’t already seen the movie:

1. I loved Hi-five. The scenes with him in Candy Crush land were hilarious.

2. The scenes when Gene’s parents find each other in the Paris pictures in the Instagram app were so sweet.

3. Jail break whistling for the Twitter bird so she could fly and save Gene.

4. The Just Dance scenes, the hand definitely has some moves ?.

I really think that if you are a fan ” Wreak it Ralph” especially with all of inside gamer jokes this movie has a lot of same heart with Internet jokes. Also if you are a fan of Hotel Transylvania the Emoji movie has a really cute Hotel Transylvania short before the start of the movie(after the coming attentions). My only complaint about the movie is I wish that I could have seen a little bit more of the humans (the boy who owns the phone & the girl he has the crush on) so that I could feel a bit more of a connection to him. Overall I personally rate this movie a 7 out 10. If you do go see it dear reader let me know what you think about it comment on this post or Tweet me on Twitter @BookNerd0486

Tell me what you think.

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