Lego Star wars: The Force Awakens (my personal Overall experience with it)

Note to reader: The following post is ONLY about me telling you about my personal favorite parts about the levels and overall thoughts on my personal experience with the game. This post is NOT A WALK THROUGH please look somewhere else if you are looking for one. I’m just doing this for fun and because some people say that they like them.

Dear reader I’m doing this as a level over view instead of my normal level by level because my dad rented the game for me to play from red box yesterday and he has to return it tomorrow(he already paid for me another day). My thoughts on The prologue can be found here:

Chapter 1: I had so much trouble getting the game mechanics to work for the water tank part it took me 4 times together it to put the water in the tank so it really killed my personal enjoyment of the level, I did get 1 mini kit. And 46% of “True Jedi” for the level.

Chapter 2: Seeing “R-C3PO” also liked flying to get Po out of the base. I got 99% on “True Jedi” and a red brick.

Chapter 3: The smart-ass guy at the gate to the start of the level was hilarious “I guess I’ll go see if anyone else is hiring.” After you get through it.

That is pretty much the part where I had to stop playing the game because my dad wanted to go to sleep and he wanted to be able to take it back without waking me up to get the game out of my ps4. Overall I had fun but the game mechanic issues ruined most of my fun. I would recommend it more for fans of Star wars.

Tell me what you think.

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