Life: Mini Casino trip (8/7/17)

Dear reader I just got back home from going to this cards & bingo based casino(No slot machines are allowed there) by my house. I went with my dad and Ashley. Ashley and I played on a $5 per hand blackjack table that had the option to bet $5 on getting a pair or two cards of the same suit(I’m sorry but I don’t remember the pay scale) as well as the option to bet $5 to get payed money even if you lose as long as the dealer busts and the more cards it takes them to bust the more you get paid if you bet the $5. It also has a chance to bet $1 every hand to get a chance to win the processive jackpot if you get 3 7s(if your first two cards are both 7s you win $50 if they are the same suit you win $100 & if you get two 7s hit and get 1 more 7 you win the jackpot).

I left the table with $65, I gave my dad back the $100 bill he gave me, (he let me start with $300) I was going to put the $65 in my bank account but my dad surprised me and he put the $100 in my bank (using the ATM) and he kept the $65; my dad is awesome ?. I will let you guys know how I do if I go back another time.

Tell me what you think.

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