DMCA notice update(8/21/17)

Updated on 9/4/17 to add thay as of this morning per an email from Google the DMCA has been removed and the affected links have been reinstated. Thanks again so much for all of love in regards to this situation.

Dear reader I just got a response back from Google regarding my counter notice(saying that I believe that my use of the book cover falls underneath fair use due to the fact that it was used above my personal review of the book) which said that they sent my information and response to company that filed the DMCA notice and if they don’t get a response back from them within 14 days Google will reinstate my content and remove the DMCA against me.

If the company tells me that I have to take the cover/review of the book down I will do so since I can’t physically or financially afford to go to court over it(If you aren’t already aware I am physically disabled due to CP(Cerebral Palsy). I really would appreciate any prayers or positive energy that you could spare that this works out positively for me. Thanks again dear reader for being on this journey with me ❤

Tell me what you think.

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