Important Website update please read 2017

Dear reader I am in the process of moving my website back to free WordPress hosting because of some personal issues that my dad is going through. I am doing it to keep control over my site even if I have to move(I can’t really explain why because it’s my dad’s business not mine).

With free WordPress hosting my blog/content will still be here without having to worry about losing it or bandwidth or hosting issues if I have to take a break from posting.
I am planning on keeping my domain name(I will prepay for next year at the time that my blog is being moved).

Because of things are going to be moving around here so much I probably won’t be posting book reviews as much until the website is moved back to wordpress hosting. If you want to know more about what I’m up to in “real time” or say hi to me please check out my Twitter @BookNerd0486

I promise to update you guys as much as possible throughout the situation as soon as I know more. Any and all prayers and good thoughts that you can send to my dad and I would mean a lot to me. Thanks again for always supporting me on this journey dear reader your support means so much to me 💖.

Tell me what you think.

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