My nephew needs a Kidney Transplant.

Dear reader if you have been with me on my journey for awhile now you’ll already know that my nephew Ricky(I don’t use the in law part because I see the spouses the same as I see my nieces and nephews) needs a kidney transplant ASAP. I have been wanting to find a way to give you guys info so that maybe you guys can share it and it can go viral and get the attention of someone who is a match for him but up until now he didn’t have public way to share information now he has a public Facebook page that you can like for more information

Please like the page on Facebook to help the page get more traffic as well as liking and sharing this post so that more people will see it. It only takes one person who is a match to see the info and donate to save his life.

My nieces, nephews, their spouses  (the two oldest ones are married), their kids, and my God-daughter are my angels. I love them all beyond words.

You all have shown me so much kindness in the years that I have had this blog please help me spread the word and bring a donor to my nephew and help save his life.

I promise to keep you updated on everything as soon as I know anything. Prayers, and positive thoughts and energy are always appreciated.

Tell me what you think.

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