End of the year blog update (12/31/17)

Dear reader I just wanted to give you a update on the current status of my blog:

1. I have paid for the domain name and ID protection until 2019(I pre-paid while I have the money so that I don’t have to worry about it later)

2. The WordPress personal account is due in August of 2018 (I will try to prepay for 2019 asap).

If everything goes well with my dad and I don’t have to move everything will stay the same way. 

In the event that I do have to move I will try my hardest to let you know as early as possible. If I have to go quiet on here for awhile while I help my dad out I promise that I have all of my posts backed up on USB as well as on a file on my laptop so if for some reason this blog goes down know that I will try my hardest to resume it when things calm down.

If you want to be sure to be able to keep up with me please consider following me on Twitter @BookNerd0486 I will hopefully be able to give short updates there if something happens and I can’t get on here.

I will hopefully be able to have more info about my dad’s situation sometime after March though we are hoping for good news sooner than that. 

Thank you all so very much for your support you all keep me going and strong. I can’t wait to see what memories we will make in 2018 😁.

Tell me what you think.

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