Venting: It’s not as easy as it seems.

Note to reader: The following post is ONLY about me talking about how I personally feel right now as I am currently writing this post. I am just trying to get my own personal feelings out of my head.

Dear reader lately I have been getting people asking me how I blog/do book reviews and how they can get started/Do it as a job.

I don’t mind helping people, the hard part for me is getting them to understand that I started this blog myself to keep myself sane(writing helps me to get my own personal feelings out of my system so they don’t stay bottled up inside me and explode later).

I never even intended to share my name or make a Twitter(@BookNerd0486 if you want to say hi) it was anonymous at first I never thought that I would get one follower let alone 550(as of right now) however because you all have been extremely kind I have become more open about myself.

Books/reading have always been a saving grace for me I started reviewing them here just for fun.

I never thought about making money from my blog. It’s a lot harder than it seems with self hosting and getting enough hits for it to make money.

This really isn’t a get rich quick type of thing. So I don’t really know what to tell people except that it took me 3 and a half years to get this far.

This blog always and forever will be about keeping myself happy and sharing whatever I like with whomever wants to read it.

I do have a PayPal for tips if people like my stuff and want to help out because they like me but I never want to be anyone’s cause(because of my disability).

I genuinely believe that success is about doing whatever you love/enjoy with consistency and integrity and eventually people who like you will find you and the money will find a way to you as a bonus.

Thanks again so much for listening to me vent dear reader 😁.

Tell me what you think.

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