Book Review: The Raptor and the Wren: Chuck Wending

Dear reader I just finished reading “The Raptor and the Wren” book #5 in the “Miriam Black” series by Chuck Wending. I picked up this book in the Nook store on my tablet. My personal review of the book is as follows:

In my personal opinion this book specifically is the beginning prequel to the heart of the(for lack of a better way of phrasing it) “nightmare” that makes up the series as a whole; This entire series feels to me personally as if it’s telling you the story of a person’s very dark, vivid, and complex nightmare.

A lot of plot points felt like they were(in my personal opinion) really convenient however I understand why/how they moved the storyline along, I can’t really explain more about the storyline without giving away major plot points.

All I can say about the ending is exactly what I said out loud when I read it “holy shit”…Needless to say I can’t wait to see how everything ends, I hope that “Miriam” makes it out everything alive. Overall I personally rate this book an 8 out of 10. Happy reading dear reader 😊.  Please like and share this review if you like it doing so helps me to get approved by publishers and authors for future books 💖.

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