Venting: No more fighting metaphorical windmills

Note to reader: The following post will more than likely not make sense to you and I apologize in advance. I am writing this post to help get these emotions out of my system. Whenever I write about things on here 99% of the time after I’ve finished writing about it’s done and out of my system. I started this blog as a way to keep myself sane and not bottle up my thoughts/emotions. As always I am ONLY writing about my own personal feelings and emotions.

Dear reader I have come to realization that I have to stop fighting metaphorical windmills(arguments that have no “right answers”).

I have seen over and over again in my every day personal life(both online and offline) that the days of being able to state a personal opinion or personal experience and have it be seen and taken as such(one person’s experience/feelings) without having to explain/justify why you as a person feel as you do or why you as a person with a certain skin color can still have a “valid experience” without it invalidating someone else’s; even when you state over and over again that you believe that everybody’s experiences are valid and that yes racism is alive and shitty things happen to people of color every day.

It doesn’t mean that my experience didn’t happen or doesn’t matter because I happen to be white.

I’m not trying to say that if someone else did what I did in the same situation that they would have the same results(which I even said multiple times in the comments).

I wholeheartedly disagree with the idea that(and I quote) “your stating your positive result after we have stated negative results for people of color comes across as comparing and dismissive” even though I said over and over again that I was only sharing my own personal experience and my actions within the situation.

It’s things like this that happen on FB with people I know personally and friends of theirs(that I don’t know) that make me just want to stay in a bubble and not say anything at all.

Just to clarify the person who started this conversation was white as well as the main other person who answered my comments.

I honestly feel like I was told shut up your experience doesn’t matter because your white.

It really does feel to me personally like a “damned if I you do damned if you don’t” type of thing.

It really hurt me emotionally because it I was told to keep my feelings in again. The conversation started by me asking another question and it shifted to this one.

It just made me even more thankful that I have you and this blog to vent to about anything that matters to me without any judgement. I love you all so very much.

Tell me what you think.

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