Random Thoughts: It feels like time is repeating itself around me.

Note to reader: The following post will more than likely not make sense to anyone else and I apologize in advance. I just need to get my own personal thoughts and emotions out of my system about this situation.

Dear reader lately I have been seeing a lot of people and even music(with lyrics) going through/talking about the same/very similar situation(s) to what I went through with my ex hubby(Check out the “Endings” tab of my blog for the entire story of my divorce if you are interested).

It feels like time is repeating itself around me. I am so very thankful and blessed that I am away from the situation and it’s legally done.

Thanks again so much for listening to me ramble dear reader your support means more to me then I can ever truly explain or thank you for 💟.

Tell me what you think.

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