Book Review: Sweet Legacy: Tera Lynn Childs

Dear reader I just finished reading “Sweet Legacy” book #3 in the “Medusa Girls” trilogy by Tera Lynn Childs. My uncle Timmy gave me a hardcover copy of the book. My personal review of the book is as follows:

The storyline of the book really did reminded personally  me of a Hellenic(Greek Gods) themed triplet sisters YA(Young Adult) version of the TV series “Charmed”. I really enjoyed the strong bonds between the sisters. Some of the love story arc felt a bit too convenient/unrealistic.

I can’t really explain more about what happens within this specific book because it’s the 3rd book in the trilogy in case anyone isn’t this far into the series yet. Overall I personally book a 7 and half out of 10. Happy reading dear reader 😊.  Please like and share this review if you like it doing so helps me to get approved by publishers and authors for future books and helps others to find my reviews 💖.

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