The Broccoli Tree: A Parable.

Note to reader: I didn’t personally make the video. If you want to know more info about it please click on the video and you’ll be taken to the YouTube page for it.

Dear reader I am sharing this video with guys because in my personal opinion it says a lot of the same feelings that I have about this blog and you all.

I am always a little bit afraid of losing access to this blog(due to not having access to internet, or hacking(which has happened to me in the past), or anything else that could physically stop me from writing here).

Dear reader your support of me and the ability to share a small window to moments from my life or my thoughts/emotions has been/continues to be a source of happiness and security for me. Knowing that I can get my thoughts out at any time. Having you guys is like a having a anonymous listener at any time. The closest thing to explain how I see it is like you guys are my confessor.

You read my thoughts without judgement and if you do judge me it doesn’t really bother me because I don’t know you personally.

99.9 percent of the comments when I do get them are amazingly kind and truly do mean the world to me.

Having you guys around helped me to get over my fear of the dentist(I just focused on telling you all about what happens and imagine that you are with me holding my hand).

This blog is kind of my “Broccoli tree”.

Thanks as always for staying on this journey with me 💟.

Tell me what you think.

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