Book Review: Thunderhead: Neal Shusterman

Dear reader I just finished reading “Thunderhead” book #2 in the “Arc of a Scythe” series by Neal Shusterman. I picked up this book from Barnes and Noble. My personal review of the book is as follows:

So many of my personal thoughts and feelings about the book are wrapped up around plot points that are spoilers so I will try my best to explain as much as possible in general terms however if you haven’t already finished the first book in the series you might want to avoid this review because it might be spoilerish for it.

In my personal opinion this story(in and of itself, away from the overall storyline arc of the series as a whole) made me feel a times as though I was reading a futuristic  creation story of a God like AI waking up to itself and realizing that humans aren’t as good as it thought they were.

Underneath all of that were(for lack of a better way of phrasing it) in my personal opinion storylines of humans living their own lives (with all of the drama that entails, trying to be purposefully vague to avoid spoilers) without regard for how their individual and collective choices are affecting both themselves and the world as a whole…but why would you worry about that when you have a peaceful AI that handles everything for you….

*Spoilers Ahead*

Except of course when those choices are collectively becoming what makes the AI angry (too many spoilers needed to be able to explain why/how).

I personally think that the main character characters(the focus of the first book) will eventually become the “Adam” and “Eve” to the “God” A.I. but not for human population purposes (more like in my personal opinion the only two possibly three “Good humans” left; The last half half of the book(in my personal opinion) has a lot of Christian themes and references that I personally feel back up my theory.

I can’t really say more about the book except to say that it really did make me think about a few things. It has a lot of deeper philosophical questions in it (in my personal opinion). Overall I personally rate this book a 8 out 10. Happy reading dear reader ☺. Please like and share this review if you enjoy it doing so helps me to get approved by publishers and authors for future books and helps others to find my reviews 💖.

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