My experience at the LA times festival of books 2018

Dear reader the following post is ONLY about my own personal experiences at the LA times festival of books this year:

I had a much more difficult time trying to physically get around the crowds in my power wheelchair, I don’t understand why so many people walk through places with their eyes upwards not looking where there going. I also had a difficult time finding the specific boths I wanted to visit even with a map. The Epic Reads booth was entirely miss numbered, sadly I didn’t find it.

I did manage to make it to Booth(I used to visit their San Diego store a lot when I was living in the area) I bought 3 books and got an Arc free. The books I got in no particular order from there booth are:

1. The Way of Kings by Brandon Sanderson which I realised that I lost somewhere between the festival and getting home, I guess that I’m not meant to read it yet.

2. Rebel Genius by Michael Dante Dimartino who I met at his signing table and was very kind (I didn’t get time to get it signed).

3. The Firebird by Susanna Kearney

The arc I picked up was:

Harry’s Trees by Jon Cohen

I also received a free copy of Wild Animus by the author Rich Shapero he was giving them away at a nearby by booth. He was also very kind to me. I didn’t get to see any other booths because I had spent a lot of time trying to find the Epic Reads booth and The Penguin Random House booths in effort to try and give someone who was working there one of my business cards and hopefully pick up some Arcs to read/review, I was a little bit stressed about trying to keep up with newer books for you guys Dear reader, thankfully my dad said that he will help me go to our local Barnes and Noble for my birthday next month so hopefully I can check out the newer books there.

I just really don’t want to let you down Dear reader since you guys have been so supportive of me/my reviews your support means the world to me 💜.

Overall I did have fun with my dad and uncle Timmy and it was cool seeing so many people looking at books. I was also able to buy a t-shirt for the event that says “My life is an epic storyline” which I personally think fits my life perfectly. I highly recommend checking it out tomorrow if you are in the area Dear reader 😊.

Tell me what you think.

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