Dentist part 70

Note to reader: Note to reader: The following post is ONLY about me venting/talking about my own personal experience with this situation. Any and all harsh or teasing comments will be deleted. I have been teased about this situation enough already. The back story to this post is in the “Dentist part #69 post in the “Me” tab of my blog if you’re curious about the backstory to this post.

Dear reader I just got home from my latest dental appointment here’s what happened:

My dentist showed me the mold he made of my bite and asked me again to confirm that I wanted the bridge instead of the implants.

He told me that seeing the way that my bite was on the mold told him that he agreed with myself and my dad that the bridge would be the best and least invasive option for my specific situation.

Once I confirmed that I wanted the bridge he then sent my mold to the lab to see if they could make a bridge that would fit without needing to make additional changes to my bite.

In about two weeks I go back to see what the lab said. As always thanks for staying on this journey with me dear reader your support means more to me than I can ever truly explain or thank you for 💜.

Tell me what you think.

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