Movie Review: Deadpool 2

Note to reader: I’m writing this as a fan who is talking about my own personal experience with/thoughts about the movie. If you are looking for a play by play of the movie or a professional review please go somewhere else. Also consider yourself warned for possible spoilers.

Dear reader I personally didn’t really get into the movie until around the middle(around the scenes with the prison transport buses) where in my personal opinion it felt like the story was starting to get some originality.

I definitely really enjoyed “Domino” and her good luck powers plus in my personal opinion she was a pretty badass fighter.

The other members of Deadpool’s team felt like they were missing something.

I thought that the ending was really sweet(at least until I saw the after the credits scenes..).

Over all the jokes were funny and it was a good movie but I kept thinking something more was going to happen.

I definitely recommend it if you are already a fan of Deadpool and enjoy his style of jokes. Overall I personally rate the movie a 6 out 10.

One thought on “Movie Review: Deadpool 2

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