Book Review: Harry’s Trees: Jon Cohen

Dear reader I just finished reading “Harry’s Trees” by Jon Cohen. I was given a soft-cover ARC of the book after I bought 3 books from booth at this year’s LA Times Festival Of Books. My personal review of the book is as follows:

The story is one of the sweetest most heartwarming books I’ve read in awhile, most of the characters were well written(in my personal opinion) some of the characters felt like “bad guys” just for the sake of it (I’m trying to phrase it in a way that doesn’t give away any spoilers), I also wish that “Harry’s” brother would’ve had a bit more depth to him (I think that he could make a good choice for a spin-off).

The fairytale(gold), love story and overcoming grief to forgive yourself for still living elements felt very sweet.

I definitely think that this book would make a sweet movie. I definitely recommend reading this book if you’re looking for a sweet contemporary especially if you are looking for a story that deals with life after losing a spouse.

Overall I personally rate this book an 8 and a half out of 10. Happy reading dear reader 😊. Please like and share this review if you enjoyedit doing so helps me to get approved by publishers and authors for future books and helps others to find my reviews 💜.

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