Life:Blog update(5/22/18)

Note to reader: The following post is a way for me to keep you guys updated on everything that’s currently going on with the status of this blog as of the time of this post.

Dear reader I just paid for the “Personal plan” for the blog which means that I will be able to keep using my domain name with WordPress as well as all of the other perks of it until November of next year. I asked to pay for it early because I have extra money from my birthday and my casino visits.

Having done that as well as having the domain name itself paid for until around 2019/2020(I got extra time towards it because I had to cancel the hosting part of it early because of issues with bandwidth(My blog is a lot bigger than you think and bandwidth went way faster than I could afford to keep up with). The privacy protection for the domain name is also paid for until next year.

All of this means that I will have continued control over my blog from now until at least November of next year unless something happens with my dad and I have to move and I don’t have physical access to the internet.

We are still waiting to hear about personal stuff that has to do with my dad which may affect if I have to move(we won’t find out until July at the earliest or December at the latest).

If you need to get a hold of me check out my Twitter @BookNerd0486 or my Facebook blogger page

I promise to keep you updated dear reader as soon as I hear anything. As always thanks for staying on this journey with me your support means the world to me 💜.

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