Life: Time with my dad at the casino(5/23/2018)

Note to reader: The following post is ONLY my personal experience at the casino today I’m not a professional.

Dear reader I just got home from the casino with my dad. We left earlier this morning so that I could get my hair cut at the spa(You no longer need to have a room at the casino hotel in order to use the spa).

Afterwards I used one of $100 that I won last time I was playing the roulette wheel to play it again.

This time I made money with the $5 split on the double zeros and hitting On $5 On numbers I had on the corners(I still don’t know the proper terms).

During the first two or so hours I was on the table before I stopped playing to eat I won $200(not counting the original $100 I started playing with(which I also won back).

After we ate my dad didn’t want to leave yet so I used one of the $100s to play at the table again.

It which point I won $200 so I ended up taking home $500 total, I gave my dad $100 so I put $400 into my bank account(My dad put it in for me using the ATM before we came home).

On the way home(after the bank) we got Starbucks.

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