My Amazon Wish list

Note to Reader: The following post is ONLY for anyone who wants the option NO ONE has to get me anything on the list it’s just has items that I like because some people have asked if they could help me especially since I can’t physically get to/keep up with a PO box I figured this list would be the best option.

My Amazon Wish list if you do give me something from it please let me know on the who it’s from space if you want a shout out on here or on my Twitter @BookNerd0486

Also if you want to me to add a book(s) on there that you want me to read/review let me in a comment on the bottom of this post or tweet me on Twitter letting me know the title and if I haven’t already read it and it seems interesting I will add it to the list and look for it whenever I check out places that sell books.

This will be my only post about it until/unless I get anything from the list.

Tell me what you think.

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