Book Review: Everless: Sara Holland

Dear reader I just finished reading “Everless” book number one in the “Everless” series by Sara Holland. I picked up this book in the Nook store on my tablet because it seemed interesting and I had been hearing a lot about it on Twitter. My personal review of the book is as follows:

In my personal opinion if you mixed up the “evil Queen” elements from “Snow White”, the “servant girl” parts of “Cinderella”, old mysterious/magical fairytale type village, mysterious fairytale magic, certain elements of the father daughter relationship from “Beauty and the Beast”, plus something within your blood equals how much time/life force you have that you also have the ability to buy/sell you’ll get this book.

I personally didn’t understand some of the main characters choices in the beginning of book(I can’t really explain why without giving away spoilers) as well as her personal motivation to almost always decided to get herself into more trouble which alway seemed to happen(in my personal opinion) right after she had just finished getting out of/been saved from the first/previous troubling situation.

I did find the main plot twist about the main character at the end of the book to be unique. Overall I personally rate this book a 5 and half out of 10. I think that if you like fairytales then you’ll want to check out the synopsis of the book to see if you would like it. Happy reading dear reader 😊.  Please like and share this review if you enjoyed it doing so helps me to get approved by publishers and authors for future books and helps others to find my reviews 💜.

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