Life: Random thoughts

Note to Reader: The following post is ONLY about me taking/venting about how I am currently feeling as I am currently writing this post. I apologize in advance if the post is confusing or if you’re new to my blog and you don’t already know my background/backstory.

Topic number #1:

A friend of mine who I know from when I used to live in San Diego back when I was still living with my ex husband, she randomly messaged me on FB messenger telling me that I “seriously need to go” to an outdoor camping event in San Diego. My first thought was how the hell would I be able to physically do it because of my wheelchair(if you don’t already know I am physically disabled from birth due to Cerebral Palsy check out the about me tab of my blog if you want a bit more of the backstory on me) I messaged her back saying thanks for thinking about me but I felt like I had to remind her about my chair. She didn’t even acknowledge what I said about my chair she just said you’re welcome.

Topic number #2:

Last night I had a weird dream that I was talking to my mom(if you don’t already know I haven’t seen my mom since I was 12 because she is missing due to severe mental health issues) in the dream she was lucid and asking me questions about my life. At one point she even told me that I was pretty which really made me feel better in a weird way even though I know that it was a dream. In case you’re wondering dear reader I don’t dream of her that often.

As always thank you so much for your support and staying on this journey with me.

Tell me what you think.

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