Life: Casino time with my dad(6/19/18)

Dear reader I just got home from the casino with my dad. Here’s what happened:

I won $400 on the roulette table using the $5 chips and betting the corner on a few numbers plus $5 on a split double zero. I gave my dad $100 out of it. As we we were leaving I won a mini jackpot on a slot machine of $300 I gave my dad $100 out of it.

He gave me $200 for my birthday plus $200 to play with so in total I took $600 home(sorry in advance if my math doesn’t make sense).

My dad put my money into my bank on the way home using an ATM. I also used some extra money I had to buy myself and my dad some Starbucks on the way home. Overall it was a fun day 😊.

One thought on “Life: Casino time with my dad(6/19/18)

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