Trials In Love: 7 years ago today my last serious boyfriend broke up with me.

Note to Reader: I am writing this post to get the feelings that I am currently having(at the time of writing this) out of my system.

Dear reader per FB memories reminding me 7 years ago today my last serious boyfriend(my first serious relationship after my ex husband left me) broke up with me because he changed his mind and he really wants kids(I can’t physically have kids because I had my tubes tied in ’08 because I can’t physically take care of myself let alone a kid) he knew before we started dating that I can’t have kids and didn’t want them and he said it was find about 6 and a half months into dating me he told me that he didn’t like that he couldn’t control what I was doing and being with me made him realize how much he wanted kids so we broke up(about a year and a half after we broke up I found out via a friend of his that he got some girl pregnant and he has a son but he isn’t with the mom).

Today also marks 7 years since I’ve had sex(Yes dear reader I can physically have sex and I enjoy it) I personally don’t have sex with a guy unless/until we are in a long-term relationship first because my body follows my heart and I can’t just give my body away to some guy who just wants to use me.

I am really proud of myself for sticking to my personal morals and I really truly believe that the next person who I get into a serious relationship with will appreciate the fact that I’ve waited for someone who matters to me/who I see a long term future with.

Tell me what you think.

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