Random Thoughts: My story is here

Note to Reader: I can’t sleep and I want to put some of the random thoughts that are currently running through my mind as I am writing this down in this post so they can get out of my system.

Dear reader I was listening to someone on a YouTube video talk about how they are scared that since they’re older and some of their family members are starting to pass away that no one will know/remember them/their stories. Dear reader as I was listening I realized that I’m not afraid of that happening to me because my stories are here and in all of the tiny little breadcrumbs I’ve left throughout the internet, in the books, movies, music, and TV shows I like in the faces of all of my nieces nephews and my God-Daughter everything that anyone would ever want to know about me is here/out there for anyone who wants to find it. The major reason why I started this blog is so that you dear reader(Yes, you whoever’s reading this right now)/the internet would see my words and be my silence confessor, ever present whenever I need someone. Once my thoughts stick to the page(so to speak) 99.9 percent of the time they are out of my system. Posting them is an automatic pressure release valve so that things don’t stay bottled up inside of me.

I never thought one person would follow me let alone 590(as of the time of me writing this). You all have helped me more than you’ll ever know or I can ever truly explain or thank you for.

PS. I leave breadcrumbs hoping that my soulmate/future husband will find me(NOT ASKING FOR/INVITING ANYONE TO STALK/REAL WORLD FIND ME) can someone fall in love with someone through reading their blog?(I am a hopeless romantic)

Tell me what you think.

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