Random Thoughts: Personal revelations about dating(7/11/18)

Note to Reader: The following post is ONLY about me taking about/getting out my own personal thoughts/feelings about the situation. I apologize in advance if the post confuses you.

Dear reader yesterday afternoon when I was at the casino with my dad I met a Marine when he happened to be standing in my spot at the roulette wheel(I had stepped away from the table to get some money from the ATM) after making small talk with him/establishing that I had been sitting there(a lady I know from previous trips to the casino was watching my chips for me which were on the table in front of my spot). I explained after thanking him for his service that my ex husband was also in the Marines(If you’re new here and don’t know the backstory on him and want to know more check out the Endings tab of my blog all of the backstory on him/my divorce drama is there) after I got home and thought about the conversation(and also after a weird dream I had last night I realised that no matter how much I would want to date/be with a guy either in the military/with a military background(for many reasons) no matter what in the course of being with him somehow my past with my ex would make it weird(it would take forever to fully explain why).

I know and fully accept that no matter who I date I will have to explain my past with my ex husband plus all of my other issues at least once to them however someone who doesn’t have a military background probably won’t have issues with weird comparisons that come up between whatever he does and what my ex husband did it even sort of came up with this guy when he asked what my ex’s job was in the military.

Also as a side note some guys in the past have been intimidated by the fact that my ex husband was in the military.

Overall I just realized that I need to be in a relationship with a guy whose a “fresh start” so to speak from my ex husband.

Thanks for *listening* to me vent dear reader your support means the world to me.

Tell me what you think.

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