Book Review: War Storm: Victoria Aveyard

Dear reader I couldn’t sleep so I finished reading “War Storm” book #4 in the “Red Queen” series by Victoria Aveyard. I picked up a hardcover edition of the book from Barnes and Noble when I went to the store with my dad as part of my birthday presents (in May). My personal review of the book is as follows:

If you have read my review of book three in the series then you’ll know that I felt like the book as a whole(in my personal opinion) took us in a circle so to speak(trying to avoid spoilers) and I was really annoyed with it however I thought it might be setting us as readers up for something bigger in the final book so I picked it up hoping that I would be right and in a way what I thought would happen does happen(kind of) but in a way in which it(in my personal opinion) means nothing to us as readers because it doesn’t really count for anything in the big picture..

*Spoilers ahead don’t keep reading this if you haven’t already finished reading it yet**

“Mare” becomes the “Red Queen” in the end because “Cal” picks her over everything, something that she’s been asking for/hoping for in one way or another the entire book (in my personal opinion) but it doesn’t matter because he doesn’t have a kingdom anymore and she tells him that she “needs time” (WTF).

Aside from that the storyline as a whole(for this particular book) kept making me personally feel as if something big was going to happen any second now once it finished telling me details about things that I personally didn’t really care about.

I also personally feel like it left out what happens next to the other major characters…spin-offs??? It just didn’t feel very satisfying to me personally which feels weird given that it’s over 600 pages long. Overall I personally rate this book a 3 out of 10. Happy reading dear reader 😊. Please like and share this review if you enjoyed it doing so helps me to get approved by publishers and authors for future books and helps others to find my reviews 💜.

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