Random Thoughts: Suprize anxity attack at the casino today(7/25/18)

Note to Reader: The following post is ONLY for me to have a record of the event in case it comes up as important later on. Also as always I am ONLY talking about my own personal thoughts/feelings/emotions about the situation. I’m NOT trying to make anyone feel sorry for me.

Dear reader as I was at the casino with my dad earlier today(I’m home now) I’m pretty sure that I had an anxiety attack(not positive though because I’ve never had something like this happen “out of the blue” and without being worried about something).

About an 20 to 30 minutes into us getting inside of the casino I started feeling afraid. I kept telling myself in my mind that I was ok and safe). I wasn’t shaking or having trouble breathing it was just a sense of fear(I really can’t explain it it any better than that.

I knew how much my dad was looking forward to being at the casino(it’s how he gets his mind off of things) and that I was okay plus I wasn’t having an other symptoms aside from the fear so I kept on helping my dad and even played the roulette table I felt calmer when I was focused on the numbers.

The feeling lasted until we got ready to go home(again I wasn’t upset about money or anything I even won some) it was always just a sense of fear. The best way that I can think of to discribe it now that I’m thinking more about it as I’m writing this is the feeling of fear you get when you’re waiting for test results from a Dr.

At one point I told my dad about it and asked if he was okay he said he was fine and that I would be okay.

Now that I’m home I feel ok I just wonder where the feeling came from/what caused it.

As always thank you so much for *listening* to me dear reader your support of me and my journey means more to me than I can ever thank you for.

PS. If you have any idea as to what could have caused the problem please let me know in a the comments at the bottom of this post.

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