Venting: I can’t just call an uber

Note to Reader: I am ONLY venting/talking about myself/my own personal feelings about this situation. I speak for NO disabled person other than myself.

Dear reader a friend of mine(that I know IRL) invited me to his house to play board games with a group of people which would be fun and I am thankful for the invite however he doesn’t understand how hard it is for me to physically get out of my house because of my disability/my wheelchair.

My dad or whoever is with me that can physically lift me has to lift me into and out of my dad’s truck(my dad had a folding metal ramp that he uses to drive my wheelchair into/out of the truck bed). My electric wheelchair is REALLY heavy and doesn’t fold.

It’s not like I can just call an uber since you have to be lucky enough to have an accessible van activity driving in your area at the time that you need a ride.

Also I have to hope that their home/or wherever they want to meet at is wheelchair friendly(no stairs).

Dear reader a few people lately have acted like I didn’t want to attend their event(s) and not because of issues with my chair(None of them offer to come visit me, just as an FYI).

I just wish they could understand a bit better, also it’s kind of annoying when they go “that sucks” or “that’s not fair” after I’ve explained everything.

As always thanks for *listening* to me vent. Your support means a lot to me.

Tell me what you think.

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