Lucas the Spider: Spinning Webs

Note to Reader: I didn’t personally make this video. If you want more information about it click on the video itself and you’ll be taken to the YouTube page for it.

Dear reader I am sharing this video with you guys because 1. I find it adorable. 2. I thought it might cheer you up/make you smile. And 3. I feel like I kinda “catch” friends the same way weather in real life, on via posts on here, or chatting with people on Twitter(@BookNerd0486 is my name on there if you want to say hi to me that way) the same way with my kindness, openness, and cuteness(I give a lot of hugs both in real life and on Twitter) and which “catches” people so to speak and they can’t escape lol.

Thanks as always for your continued love and support of me and my journey it means the world to me 💜.

Tell me what you think.

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