Random Thoughts: I think that I am ready to say yes to love again(11/7/18)

Note to reader: The following post is ONLY about me telling you about my personal feelings/emotions that I am currently feeling right now(as I am currently writing this post). If you’re new to my blog/journey and want the backstory of the situation check out the “Endings” tab of my blog for the backstory of my divorce and the “Trials in Love” tab of my blog for the backstory of my dating/love life.

Dear reader I really personally feel like I am ready to say yes to love/falling in love again, No dear reader I am not currently dating/”talking to anyone” at the moment however I feel like I am emotionally/spiritually ready to say yes to love again as well as opening my heart and for the right man my body again even if it could end up in another heartbreak.

7 years of waiting and keeping my heart/body clear so that I could heal my heart/mind, learn to love and respect myself flaws and all, and to get clear on what I want in my life. I feel like I’ve done the work and I’m ready to go and have some fun and see what happens.

I will not say yes to just any guy who asks we will have to be a match however I feel really ready to “get back on the horse” so to speak. I will keep you posted on how everything goes dear reader and as always thank you from the bottom of my heart for staying on this journey with me.

Tell me what you think.

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